ATH T-Brass

ATH T-Brass

ATH T-Brass is a high-quality hookah in a classic style that is produced by Adalya. This hookah has an elegant design and boasts high-quality execution.

The Adalya T-Brass hookah stands at 64 cm and is made of brass and stainless steel, making it very durable and long-lasting. It is also equipped with an airflow system that allows you to enjoy rich and dense smoke.

The Adalya T-Brass hookah comes with a hose, mouthpiece, tongs, tube, coal stand, and a large tobacco bowl, which provides a lengthy and enjoyable smoking experience.

This hookah has a superb color scheme and finish, which gives it elegance and style. It will perfectly fit any interior and will be a successful addition to your hookah collection.

Adalya T-Brass is an ideal choice for those who value high-quality and stylish design. This hookah will provide you with an unforgettable smoking experience that will quickly become your favorite pastime.