ATH L-Steel

ATH L-Steel

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Adalya L-Steel is a stylish and elegant hookah with a unique design created by Adalya craftsmen. It combines a modern look and high-quality manufacturing.

The Adalya L-Steel hookah is 47 cm high and made of durable material – stainless steel, making it durable and long-lasting. It has a blowing hole that provides excellent traction and ease of use.

The Adalya L-Steel hookah comes with a hose, mouthpiece, tube, tongs, and a coal stand. It has a spacious tobacco bowl that allows you to get a rich and dense smoke. Additionally, the hookah has a magnet-based stand that provides stability and prevents it from falling.

The Adalya L-Steel hookah is an excellent choice for true hookah enthusiasts looking for a stylish and reliable high-quality hookah.